OFSTED REPORT - Colby Road Nursery




We are delighted to have been graded 'GOOD' across the board in our most recent Ofsted report (Jan 2017)



'All children are motivated to learn, become involved and concentrate well. They make good progress in relation to their starting points and are keen to join in new experiences. Children develop the essential skills they need for their next stage of learning'



'Staff are effective at supporting children's personal, social and emotional development. For example, younger children enjoy comfort and reassurance from staff and older children play happily and confidently with each other. Children understand expected behaviour and show consideration for others. Staff provide healthy snacks and meals, and children have lots of opportunities to develop their physical skills in the well-resourced outdoor learning area. This supports children to adopt healthy lifestyles. Children observe positive images of diversity in the nursery, for example, in books and resources. Children enjoy celebrating different cultural festivals and they have an emerging understanding of the similarities and differences between themselves and others.'


'Staff provide a welcoming, well-resourced learning environment. Children enjoy making choices, indoors and outdoors, and have a positive approach to new experiences.'


'Children's behaviour is good. They concentrate well during activities and are motivated to learn. Staff encourage turn-taking and sharing effectively, and children play cooperatively together.' 


Please view the full report here:


Ofsted Report 2017






We are also very pleased to provide the link to our previous  Ofsted report (February 2013) when were were also graded 'GOOD'.


Colby Road Nursery received some extremely positive feedback and praise such as:


'Children are safe and well-cared for in the calm and cosy nursery enviornment. Their emotional well-being is given high priority and good standards of care are evident. Staff are friendly and attentive, which creates a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere.'


'Interactions between staff and children are enabling and affectionate. There is much smiling and laughter evident throughout the day from both children and staff.'


'All staff give high regard to keeping childrent safe. Child protection procedures are well-defined and understood by staff.'


'Good systems are in place to monitor children's progress and learning accurately... staff have a good knowledge and understanding of the early learning goals.'


'Children's speaking and listening skills develop extremely well. Staff talk to the children, modelling good pronunciation and use of language at every opportunity. Children respond eagerly wih increasing skill and confidence from babbling babies to toddlers who verbalise their actions as they play. As a result children are becoming competent communicators with high self-esteem and sense of purpose.'


The full report can be found here:


Ofsted Report 2013