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Here you can find out all you need to know about what's going on at Colby Road, our upcoming themes, events, group excursions and much more!


The whole team at Colby Road Nursery feels very lucky to be located in the heart of south London amongst a wide range of people, from many different cultures and backgrounds.  We are committed to equal opportunities and we are proud that the diversity of our local area is represented through both our children and staff. Colby Road Nursery does not promote any particular religion or culture but we do strive to introduce all of our children to a diverse range of ideas, occasions and celebrations - to us this is what makes learning fun and exciting! 


On 8 December 2020 we had an inspection from the Food Standards Agency and we are delighted to confirm that we have once again received the top rating. 











Our children had their summer outing in June this year when we visited the farm in Crystal Palace - oh the fun we had with the chickens, ducks, donkeys and horses!  Rounded off with a lovely picnic in the park!  


We're loving our summer activity wall this year and our children have even made their own seabeach on our feature wall!   The children adore water and sand play in the garden in the lovely weather and we've made our very own sunglasses and swimwear, created by the children's fair hands and the stars of the feature wall! 



Autumn Delights


The days may be getting shorter but that doesn't mean there isn't much to learn and celebrate at this time of year.  The change of colour on the trees, the find of a big conker and that unmistakable crispy crunch beneath your feet, it's a time to explore and learn - nature is in abundance and we enjoy taking advantage. 


The season of 'mists and mellow fruitfulness' will not pass us by without a scrumptious apple pie being made by all the children in cookery class.






Here at Colby Road, our focus isn't on the scary side of Halloween but on the creative; the opportunities for dressing up and taking photos has arrived.  Make-up and wigs at the ready, this is going to be serious fun.


We don't like to waste pumpkins and we think one per child would be rather a lot but we do love to paint them, big, bright and orange, another treat to take home to our Mums and Dads.




Guy Fawkes


No darkening of days with this celebration on the horizon.  Last year it was firework sculptures - there's so much we can do, glitter, glue, sparkle, light and sound.


We also like to have a themed wall - an idea that always works well is when each child puts their hands is some colourful paints - yellows, reds, and oranges and all of the handprints combine tp make a wonderful bonfire wall.  We also make some pretty impressive rockets, never have loo rolls been quite so transformed!






As this magical ending to the year approaches, our children are bursting with excitement.  Christmas songs are sung out loud and we look forward to our annual Christmas party to which all our parents are invited.


If we all behave very well, Father Christmas might just make an appearance and we may have a special performance to round off the year!


They say Christmas is for children and at Colby Road we think that's true however we've decided it's for adults too and we get all our parents and staff involved!!